Cologne travel tips and information

Sightseeing highlights in Cologne

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)? Yet although this might be its most famous landmark, it is certainly not the only reason to visit the city. Cologne is a cultural metropolis with museums, galleries and a lively music scene. Each year, the Christopher Street Day parade takes place in Cologne. And the local carnival is well-known and visited from around the world.

Whether you’d like to look up a museum or a theatre, or just go shopping – Cologne makes for an excellent weekend city trip. Cologne is also a destination that attracts many young people who don’t mind enjoying a good party and spending a few memorable days in the city. But also families and the older generations are sure to enjoy discovering this versatile city.

Cultural tips and events in Cologne

Cologne has a lot to offer on the cultural front: Besides the many art houses and galleries located in Cologne, the city is a regular host to art fairs. A vast array of museums can also be visited when in Cologne, including the famous Roman-Germanic Museum and the Ludwig Museum.

Furthermore, the city’s theatres and concert halls regularly host spectacular shows. Cologne is also known for its buzzing music scene which lures many guests into the city each year. But also children will find excitement in Cologne, for example, at the Chocolate Museum or the German Sports & Olympia Museum.


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